Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation management is an important part of your marketing strategy. When someone posts a negative review of your business, it’s harmful to your business, and embarrassing to you. You may be tempted to respond directly to the negative attack, but that is sometimes not the best response to negative reviews or feedback.

The problem is that negative reviews or news items have a long shelf life these days, thanks to the fact that everything is archived on the Internet for all to see in perpetuity. A negative comment made months or years ago may still be searchable today. Worse, it’s nearly impossible to remove all traces of even the most unfair, spiteful, or biased comments and reviews. The internet gives nearly everyone today the power that until recently only publishers of large newspapers had: The ability to have their views aired, no matter how spiteful, inaccurate, or dishonest.

So what should a reputable company do to counter negative reviews about their business, and how can they avoid making it worse or giving the issue even more longevity in the search engines? One strategy is to ignore it, and wait for positive reviews and feedback to push the negative reviews deeper into the search engines.

You do need to do something, however, to monitor and respond to negative press — deserved or not — about your business. One good response might be to actively seek positive reviews from happy customers and clients, or post positive reviews where they will be seen on the popular search engines. Serra Media can help with your online reputation management. Give us a call today at (469) 532-0099 to take a more pro-active stance on maintaining your company’s reputation.


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