Dwolla: A Better Way to Pay

Serra Media uses a simple online payment system called Dwolla. Dwolla has been hailed as an innovative alternative to credit card transactions by Fast Company and Forbes, and featured in the BloombergBusinessweek Management Blog. Even governments are using Dwolla — the State of Iowa uses Dwolla to process their electronic tax payments.

With Dwolla, you don’t need a Dwolla account to make a payment using your bank account. The Dwolla system is safer than entering your credit card number because you are dealing directly with your bank, and Dwolla does not transmit your financial information during the transaction. Read more about Dwolla’s security here and here.

To pay with Dwolla, simply enter your invoice amount in the box below, and then click the button. If you don’t have a Dwolla account already, no problem. Dwolla will take care of the rest!

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